2020 Lexus IS 250 Redesign

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2020 Lexus IS 250 Redesign

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New Lexus IS 250 Redesign
2020 Lexus IS 250 Redesign

2020 Lexus IS 250 Redesign

The Lexus IS 250 is scheduled for the next redesign in 2019 for the model year of 2020. Unfortunately, no official information is released about the next IS. That being said, it makes sense to expect that the car will continue to use turbocharged engines to achieve a mix of performance and fuel savings accordingly.

Introduced at the end of 2015 for the 2016 model year, the IS 250 replaces the IS 200t into an entry level sport sedan in the lineup. The new Lexus IS 250 features a 2.5 liter V6 that produces 204 hp with 185 lb-ft of torque. However, by switching to a four-cylinder turbocharged from the larger NX 200t crossover, the automaker is able to boost power to 241 hp with 258 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy has increased significantly from 26 mpg to 28 mpg in the combined city / highway.

From the design side, we know a bit about what IS next is going to be. However, Lexus has been signaling the direction of its future design with the Lexus LC 500 flagship coupe that will be launched in 2018. Will the next IS feature be similar to the dramatic style, as well as the now existing spindle grille? It remains to be seen.

Lexus IS 250 also shows the direction of Lexus design. The latest iteration of the Lexus carrier, LS 2019, stood at the Tokyo Motor Show 2018, but also followed by a high-tech version. Lexus LS is a concept that represents a noble goal: to finally eliminate traffic casualties. To help do that, LS + is equipped with “Mine Highway” automated driving technology previewing what will come in consumer cars by 2020.

The Highway Technology allows the Lexus IS 250 to drive under its own control on limited access roads (motor vehicles only). Can take over driving duties from the driveway to get out of the way, says Lexus, including merging and changing lanes. The technology also keeps the car on track, and maintains the following suitable distance behind other vehicles, similar to current line maintenance assistance and adaptive cruise control functions.

2020 Lexus IS 250 Pictures
2020 Lexus IS 250 Pictures

Lexus IS 250 runs a little farther than current mainstream technology, and communicates with data centers, allowing it to update its software with new functionality (think Tesla’s over-the-air update). Her AI also learns from the data collected to help inform her automatic drive system about the road and surrounding area, making it safer and more precise.

In addition to autonomous highway drive technology, the 2020 Lexus IS 250 offers a glimpse of the future of Lexus design. It comes with a spindle car automotive signature spindle version, which combines large grille shutter to help cooling and aerodynamic efficiency. The headlamps and taillights incorporate laser lighting. It also replaces the large rearview mirror with a sleek electric camera unit.

2020 Lexus IS Concept Future Car

Lexus is the latest automaker to plunge into a highly automated driving noise, announcing that the Highway Teammate (ADAS) driver steering assistance system will be available by 2020. The system, which offers automatic drivers from driveways to get out of motor vehicles. – just the highway, shown as part of a sleek and luminous LS + concept that Lexus is showing off at the Tokyo auto show this week.

The Highway wheel will enable automatic merging, change of paths and differences, and keep the vehicles on track and maintain vehicle-to-vehicle spacing, the country’s owner of the Toyota brand. But as far as the types of sensors and cameras that will be used to power the system, Lexus will not say it.

When released, Road Teammate will put the Lexus in competition with Tesla, Cadillac, Audi, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, and other car makers who add more semi-autonomous features to their vehicles. Autopilot, Super Cruise, Pilot Traffic Jam, ProPilot, and others help introduce hands-free drivers to the luxury market. And now Lexus entered the party.

We do not know what kind of limitations will apply to the Lexus system until the car maker says more. All of these systems require some degree of driver attention, and some can only be used on certain roads. Lexus says it will utilize several combinations of connected car technology and artificial intelligence to ensure safe, automated driving.

It’s also not clear how Lexus’s Highway Teammate will overlap with Toyota’s two independent driving research systems: Chauffeur and Guardian. The Japanese company recently announced it has tested a high-tech version of its driverless vehicle in California.

Lexus seems to follow in the footsteps of its parent company, Toyota, in building new technologies into cars in order to make them more popular by humans. The Toyota Concept-i, launched at CES earlier this year, has built-in artificial intelligence, dubbed “Yui,” designed to learn from and grow with drivers.

Stay tuned for updates and updates as they become available.

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