2019 Lexus LFA Specs and Concept Price Revealed

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2019 Lexus LFA Specs and Concept Price Revealed

Welcome to the lexuslatestmodels.com blog, as the name suggests we will try to share information about the lexus latest model developments, whether it’s about pricing, specifications, redesign concepts, interiors, pictures sharing, up-to-date rumors, and about the upcoming new release date . Hopefully our article review about 2019 Lexus LFA Specs and Concept Price Revealed can be useful for you.

2019 Lexus LFA Specs and Concept
2019 Lexus LFA Specs and Concept

2019 Lexus LFA Specs and Concept Price Revealed

The first thing to say here is that Lexus officially does not intend to build another Lexus LFA in the near future. The European automaker’s boss even said his exact words back in February this year.

But man oh man, do we want another LFA? Especially because the original is fantastic. When we experimented on the Lexus LFA in 2010, we really fell in love with the sterile, naturally-aspirated, 560-horsepower V10 4.8 liter V10 engine, which called out to sound like a motorcycle riding wide open in a concrete parking lot. garage. Here, just listen to yourself. You can see why they sold out a few months after it was first announced in 2010, although it took until December 2012 for Lexus to build the 500th and final example.

All that is to say: If this rumor that Lexus will debut the second generation LFA in 2019 Tokyo Motor Show ends come true, we will be very happy.

We are not confident enough to call this a sure thing – the rumors appear on the Response website in Japan, along with a speculative release written by the Japanese art house Fogilo Design. According to Google’s always clumsy translation, Response heard from an unnamed European source that the next-gen LFA will have a 3.7 liter V8 and enough hybrid muscle to add 800 horsepower-a 240-horse bump over the first generation, two cylinders and 1,100 cc displacement.

Rendering responses, which you can see here, signaled styling that would echo the air intakes and the general profile of LFA’s first LFA-gene genes and common profile, but with four-point LED lights and boomerang DRAs as seen in 2017 Lexus LC 500 production.

So, basically, these rumors are not based on anything. A lot of things-can happen between now and the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, and even if Lexus has decided to launch a new LFA there, the state between now and then could make the automaker change its mind.

New Lexus LFA
New Lexus LFA

In spite of all the other evidence, the Japan Response site reported Lexus will introduce a new LFA at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The growing rumors take it even further, indicating that this LFA successor will be powered by a 3.7L V8 hybrid capable of 800 horsepower coming down from the previous rumor about the 1,000 hp hyper car being built by Lexus & BMW.

No matter the details, it seems impossible. The senior executive of Lexus has repeatedly said that there are no immediate plans for next-generation LFAs, and moreover, most likely the LC F coupe will eventually fill the Lexus performance line with more comfort.

2019 Lexus LFA Interior

There are many occasions where the second generation 2019 Lexus LFA is brought into discussion and it looks like such models already exist in the pipeline. A recent report out of Japan writes that the luxury Toyota brand is planning a replacement, which will drop the 4.8-liter V10 engine or smaller internal combustion engine powered by an electric motor.

2019 Lexus LFA Engine Specs

The engine of choice for the next Lexus LFA is said to be a 3.7 liter V8 and the combined total output will be close to 800 HP. Regardless of the more ductility, hybrid powertrain will also contribute to better fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

2019 Lexus LFA Release date and Price

Reportedly to debut in 2019, at the Tokyo Motor Show, the idea of ​​a new Lexus supercar was officially dismissed a few months ago by European boss Alain Uyttenhoven, who said the company did not need to replace it with the status save. He does not exclude it entirely for the future, though: I’m not saying we will not do another LFA. I do not know.

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